Algorithms change. People’s behaviors
change. The ways of communication
change. Tomorrow will never look the
same as today.

Be the center of the digitally connected beauty.


Joining our team is your opportunity to be at the center of L’Oréal digital transformation. It is about always having a glimpse of the future. It's about creating the next high-touch experience to be closer to the people who love our products worldwide – be it innovative e-commerce strategies, apps, CRM.



L’Oreal’s focus on digital innovations is part of its long term strategy and we believe this will be a key growth factor in future. The investment in Founders Factory and subsequent access to start-ups will enable L’Oreal to accelerate these innovations and maintain its competitive edge.


Connected BEAUTY

Technology brings beauty to another level. It's about building the link between technology and beauty not only around just wearables. It’s around personalizing, and customizing cosmetics. Explore how L’Oréal acts like a tech company with its latest beauty innovation.



Forget everything you know about the makeup apps you’ve seen before... L’Oréal Paris introduces the first virtual makeup simulator. This exclusive technology from major Hollywood studios has never been seen before. Create your own or try ready-to-wear looks curated by makeup artist instantly. Virtual makeup try-on has never been more real.


Digital & DATA

L’Oréal is using data and analytics to help identify beauty trends early. Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer at L'Oréal, gives the example of dip-dyed hair, which emerged as a search term on Google Trends long before it became a popular trend.


Our brilliant DIGITAL MINDS

How did Miracle Cushion go from idea to reality? Discover our brilliant minds behind the Lancômes Digital Marketing team that made it happen – getting the beloved product closer to consumer than ever before.


Growth of virtual REALITY

L’Oréal USA recently announced a virtual reality training program for salon stylists, developed with 8i and professional hair care brand, Matrix. The project, unveiled at the Fast Company Innovation Festival by L'Oréal's Vice President of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Rachel Weiss, will roll out to stylists through L'Oréal's "Matrix Academy".


Coolest health TECH CES 2017

L'Oreal's new Kérastase Hair Coach will see to it that you know exactly what you're doing. This smart brush packs a whole lot of tech, with five sensors that detect the various ways in which you brush your hair, and even the health of the hair itself. It sends that data to a corresponding smartphone app that then advises you on the haircare routine you should adopt.



Innovation involves more than just a groundbreaking idea brought to market. It requires an organizational structure that fosters such a culture and is backed by bona fide commitment, according to L’Oréal’s Rachel Weiss, who is VP of Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Learn more about the exciting challange Rachel has - spotting innovative ideas, where digital innovation fit into L’Oréal’s overall business strategy, how she fosters innovation throughout the company, and some specific technologies that have captured her interest.



We know the online conversation around beauty is huge and continuing to spike along with the shorthand language of emojis. L’Oréal saw an opportunity to provide expressions and tools for our beauty community that reflect the daily conversations we see happening.


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