Diversity &

Magic only happens when we
feel we truly belong. That’s when we
become the best version of ourselves,
bringing more creativity and energy
each and every day.

Diversity is embedded into L’Oréal Group’s DNA. To be able to bring 'Beauty to All', it’s about combining of in-depth cultural understanding and scientific techniques to make it all work.

At L’Oréal, we look for different kinds of personalities, quirks, mindsets, backgrounds to do great things together. Those are the bright minds anticipating the Next Big Thing — and better yet, leading the Next Big Thing. We expect to find talent in unexpected places and empower them to take risks and approach challenges unconventionally to change lives through beauty. That’s why at L’Oréal you get to work with 158 nationalities speaking 58 different languages. How awesome is that?

Below are just a few examples of why we have been ranked one of the Top 20 Most Diverse & Inclusive companies worldwide driving innovation worldwide.


We explore and connect different habits and expressions of beauty present all over the world so we can bring Beauty to All.

Leadership & DIVERSITY

We offer a robust portfolio of diversity and inclusion training for all levels of employees around the world. We have provided more than 20 000 L’Oréal leaders with cultural competency training and strategies for managing global diversity and inclusion best practices.


He for SHE

Learn more about a true #HeforShe pioneer - Jean-Claude. As the SVP of Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer of L’Oréal, he and his team are working to ensure 50% of the 1,000 key positions around the world at L’Oréal are held by women. This has led to the well-deserved 2016 L'Oréal recognition by Thomson Reuters as being one of the 20 most diverse and inclusive companies in the world.


Meet Astrid

Get to know Astrid who is contagiously determined to succeed despite her hearing impairment. We love seeing Astrid rock'roll at L'Oréal by playing to her strengths. People like her who take charge of their success, and achieve their full potential at their own pace inspire us.


For almost 10 years we have empowered those with (dis)abilities by implementing actions and rewarding those L’Oréal teams that make Disability and Inclusion a reality worldwide. The "Disability Initiatives” trophies recognize our own people for their local initiatives. As of today, 65 subsidiaries have initiated local actions to promote disability in the workplace or marketplace.

Women in SCIENCE

Women in science have the power to change the world. That's why we advance talent by sponsoring awards and scholarships through For Women in Science program. This is the opportunity to highlight those courageous women from all walks of life, who brake barriers and change the world through beauty. We have already awarded 60 postdoctoral women scientists nearly $3 million in grants to support their research.


Our teams blend science with culture to create innovation every day. This combination of scientific expertise and in-depth understanding of local beauty rituals helps create new products that are loved by billions worldwide.



You would think that somebody who can only see 15% would not be up for a challenge. But not Leticia. She has got the mindset and ‘can do’ attitude we value most at L’Oréal. Learn how Leticia leads the change at L’Oréal every day.