Here is a sneak peek of how we
support you during your
international assignment to
make your experience as an
expat truly memorable.

It’s your path. Where will it lead you?


From endless career opportunities and wanderlust to simply a change of pace, with L’Oréal you can have life-changing opportunities across 140 destinations. You are the one who decide how far you want to take your career.


You can stay in the same country and work virtually with 158 nationalities speaking 58 different languages or you can broaden your horizons across border – in person while being part of an international short or long term assignments. We make it as easy as possible for you to choose where and how you work so that you can take your career to the next level.

Compensation PACKAGE

We make sure you have a competitive package that will make your international move a life-changing experience. Yet it is close to the Host market reward practices to ensure fairness between expats and locals. Also, to make sure you can set everything up and running, we will ensure you get settling-in allowance paid to you upon arrival. The amount will be equivalent to 1/12th of your assignment salary.

Progressive housing BENEFITS

We will help you to find and reserve permanent accommodation, sign the lease, get your internet/phone access up and running. We will take care if your belongings by covering the costs of your move at the beginning of the assignment, and/or store them in your home country during the assignment if necessary. You will get a chance to be advised by a tax advisor to make sure that your tax is all covered during the time abroad. And we will help you out with all the necessary formalities such as opening a bank account, registration to State insurance plans (if necessary), or registration with local authorities.


The "L'Oréal Share & Care" program provides you with a universal set of social benefits. Throughout your international assignment, the social benefits package will cover: medical & repatriation, retirement, death & disability, unemployment (in countries where applicable) and civil liability


We will make sure that your children have the opportunity to a similar school curriculum to that of your home country. If you are moving abroad with children who are not old enough to attend school, L’Oréal will provide childcare assistance which will take the form of an allowance equivalent to 2 500€ net per year per child. Also, learning the local language is important to make your experience memorable. L’Oréal will provide you with 150 hours of language tuition. Your partner will also get a chance to take the language classes upon arrival. How great is that?


To make sure that you do not miss home too much, we will provide you and your partner with one return flight in per twelve month period, back to home. L’Oréal will also cover the cost of the departure trip to your new home as well as the pre-assignment trip.



"Everything is possible in L’Oréal. I started my career in Chile in 2011 and three years later I got the chance to come to Europe (for the very first time in my life) to live in Paris, learning French in record time, meeting some new friends, having fun and being responsible of huge projects for La Roche-Posay. It’s not only about a huge professional growth; it is also about being part of a new way of living, knowing a different culture which really inspires me. In this company, the limit of your self-exigence is yours."



"I am just at the beginning of my experience but it is one that I have wanted to have since I joined L’Oreal in 2010! Being around creative, unique and inspirational individuals every day is what I love most about working in the L’Oreal Paris Make-Up Global Marketing team in Paris. Already I am attending advertising shoots, visiting labs to help the creation of future product developments, and seeing the full cycle of product ideas from concept to creation. I am grateful to have this opportunity to develop new skills and build on the development side of marketing after my 6 years in operational, so I can become a fully rounded marketer."