we care

Our teams deserve the best care
possible, as they are changing
people’s lives for the better
through beauty every day.

Making L’Oréal a great place for everyone, everywhere

While the rewards vary from region to region, creating the flexibility to adapt to different expectations,
requirements and ways of life, here's a snapshot of some of the benefits we offer.

Life and FAMILY

We strive to make a place where you and your loved ones feel cared for at every stage of life. Parental leave, retirement savings plan, medical coverage and death benefits are only a few of the things we offer. In Malaysia and Dubai, we have doubled maternity leave (14 weeks), with coverage to 100% of your salary. In the US, paternity leave at full pay is now ten days, seven more than required by law. That's seven more days spent with your loved ones.

Experience the WORLD

International missions are essential for our talent development because it gives the opportunity to enjoy new and life-changing personal and work experiences. We encourage international missions which help our both Junior and Senior talents to rapidly acquire experience by being faced with a range of different cultures, business approaches, and market situations. At the present time, 44% of the Group’s international assignees are under 35 years old.

Work and PLAY

Every L’Oréal office is unique to meet your needs, save you time and help you focus. With 4000 square foot terrace featuring striking views of the Hudson River and downtown skyline, a juice and coffee bar, an employee nail salon, an on-site employee concierge, and a wellness suite with four mothers' rooms and two meditation rooms to support healthy minds and bodies, L’Oréal US life reflects our focus on balance of work and play. The new Research & Innovation and Operations campus in France has a definite wow factor with its Italian, Asian, Lounge and Nordic style sections all looking out onto a large patio and landscaped garden. A five-star cafeteria serves frozen yogurts, flavored coffees, and sweet treats.

Wellness LOUNGE

To work off the chocolate éclairs, teams can head to the gym, which is open all day and offers instructor-led classes in a range of areas, including yoga and relaxation. And since we are talking about the world’s number-one cosmetics company, there is, of course, a well-being space featuring a hair salon, massage, beauty treatments and company store with discounts!

We share our SUCCESS

L’Oréal also has a Worldwide Profit Sharing (WPS) program which gives employees a share of the success in their country. We call it your 13th salary.

Leading health CARE

We offer you disability insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, group legal coverage, dependent and industry-leading health coverage. In Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine and Nigeria, for instance, all employees now have insurance guaranteeing payment of a two-year gross salary in the event of death or disability. In different countries, employees can see a physician onsite at the office to make your life even easier.

Money does MATTER

High performance deserves to be rewarded, handsomely.  Your salary package will be generous, as it is regularly adjusted in line with the market, individual performance, and experience. Our compensation policy reflects a performance based culture using bonuses to reward high levels of personal as well as team and business performance. If you go above and beyond, so do we to credit you for your hard work. This approach is behind the Group’s compensation policy all over the world.

Grow with US

Never stop learning! We invest hugely in our people with a significant portion of our sales turnover (2015 - 69 million€) being invested straight back into developing our employees. If you’re looking for a company that magnifies your strengths, enables you to acquire cutting-edge skills, and supports your personal development then you’re in the right place.