Do good.
Feel good.

The real Beauty for all is being aware of
another's needs and doing something
positive about it.

To find the best in others and make the world a little better


At L'Oréal, you can bring out the best in others and do your bit for the world. Wether it be offering a glass of clean water, painting a colorful playground, or empowering individuals through beauty, your actions make a difference.

Citizen DAY

When we help our planet and its people, it’s impossible to not feel good. Citizen Day has brought together 82 000 bright minds and 164 000 helping hands donating 15 000 hours in local communities across the world. Our people are a powerful source of a positive change worldwide leading wellness workshops, landscaping activities, renovating community and housing centers, collecting clothes and food, up-skilling generations, helping people with disabilities and bringing positive vibes to underprivileged kids.


Operation SMILE

The L’Oréal Foundation has been the exclusive partner of Médecins du Monde, for the Operation Smile global mission, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014. The initiative, launched in Cambodia, is meant to restore smiles, by conducting reparative facial operations on burn victims and patients with cleft lips, tumors or other facial malformations. More than 5 500 children have received operations by volunteer surgeons in more than 13 countries throughout Africa and Asia and given the chance to find their smiles once again.


Beauty for a BETTER LIFE

Beauty contributes to feeling better and living better, that's why we have developed programs to help women in difficult situations to regain their dignity, humanity and femininity and to help them reintegrate into society.

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Giorgio Armani TAP PROJECT

For the last seven years, Giorgio Armani Fragrances together with UNICEF Tap Project raised nearly 3 million USD to provide clean drinking water and basic sanitation to children in more than 100 countries.

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Celebrating its 10th anniversary, L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth has recognized and rewarded 100 exceptional female philanthropists for making a difference in their communities.

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Kiehl's Liferide FOR AMFAR

Since 2010, the annual 12-day motorcycle ride has covered more than 12 000 miles and raised nearly 1.5USA million for amfAR, one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations dedicated to finding a cure for AIDS.

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Maybelline NEW YORK

Maybelline New York have spent 100 years helping women seize their power and achieve their goals. Young women need and deserve that same skill set where they can start believe in that they can overcome their inner doubt, graduate high school, and make things happen in their lives. The Girl Project aims to unleash the vast economic and social power of girls through education. Girls wake up wanting to learn, and we’re here to help with the rest.



The L’Oréal Foundation provides free expert training to adults and young people aged fifteen and over, drawing on areas of expertise for which the L’Oréal group is famous, such as hair care and makeup. Among those who benefit from the program are women in vulnerable social or economic situations, young people experiencing family problems or difficulties at school, or are victims of conflict and violence. More than 20 000 people will have the opportunity to access work through the Beauty For a Better Life program by 2020.