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Our interns work on high-impact projects that compliment your courses. Almost a third of young graduates we recruit each year are former interns. Our internships are open to students in universities, business and engineering schools from diverse backgrounds and provide the opportunity to acquire substantial initial work experience in one of our expertise: Research, Operations, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Sales, Communications, Digital, and Human Resources. For three to twelve months you become a member of a team of professionals in your own right, working on actual missions and achieving concrete objectives on which you are assessed. You develop your skills while fully expressing your personality and qualities. Above expertise or qualifications, we are looking for young, dynamic, enthusiastic and ambitious talent, capable of fully committing to projects, changing enthusiasm into success and creating beauty and excellence. This internship is your best preparation yet to become one of our future business leaders.

What We Look For

Ready to take bets and think outside of the box? We're interested in potential as much as established skills, so be prepared to bring your sense of adventure and your vision.


Get a taste of L'Oréal in the ultimate international business competition. Unleash your creativity by solving real business challenges while being coached by top L'Oréal Executives.

How We Recruit

At L'Oréal, recruitment is about people and not a process. So, if you are eager to exceed expectations and help push the frontiers of the business, we look forward to meeting you!