L'Oréal has been ranked as the 9th
Best Employer worldwide and
the 2nd Best Employer in France.

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Each year 85% of our new recruits are former interns! Our internships are open to students from a wide range of backgrounds and provide a real first professional experience from day one.


Explore what IT'S LIKE

High fiving, fist bumping, laughing until your stomach hurts and then a little bit more, teammates who genuinely want to help you grow, who are obsessed to making the surrounding a more awesome place — in and out. But above all, we invest in people willing to dare, confront challenges and make their mark each and every day.


Way more than a graduate program! At the heart of it, Talent Incubator helps you develop your full potential and kick-start and accelerate your career by gaining skills, experience and confidence at an unprecedented pace. The genuine focus on your personal development is what separates ‘incubation’ from regular graduate program where we grow promising graduates into top professionals with just the skills they are looking for.


Innovators ONLY

Intern/preneurs is a private collaborative platform dedicated to ease our trainees induction and development at L'Oréal. If you are part of this, connect to your Intern/preneurs account down here!

Hear what THEY SAY

At L’Oréal their is no standard career path as every talent is one of a kind. We believe that everyone's career path should be unique as there are not two persons alike. Cross-jobs paths, quick evolutions, meaningful challenges… Find out the wealth of opportunities!


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Our products and various programs change the way the world defines Beauty. But our edge doesn't come from the products we produce. It comes from the amazingly talented people. We're looking for the kind of minds who take smart risks, thrive in ever changing environments, inspire those around them, and are driven to have an impact in the world. Does it sound like you?