Discover new challenges that will
exceed your limits every day and
let your creativity shine in a
stimulating environment.


Young leaders & TECH AGE

We are in an age where technology is everything. The single most disruptive force reshaping today’s industries is disruption itself. Change is the only thing permanent — changing customer behaviors and expectations, technology, digitalization, and a long list of disrupters fundamentally changing the way our business operates, the alliances we forge and the speed at which we grow. At L’Oréal technology is at the heart of our inventions transforming the future of Beauty. Behind all of our innovations and technological advances are a great bunch of people working together to make sure we stay ahead of the game. Marc, Head of Digital IT at L’Oréal Canada, is one of these incredible people!



While working at L’Oréal, you will have all the tools you need to show everyone what you are capable of. L’Oréal is always seeking candidates with a thirst for discovery and who are looking to go beyond the Status Quo. Will you be able to show your true colors?



Our teams deserve the best care possible, as they are changing people’s lives for the better through beauty every day.


Create your OWN PATH

These words are at the center of our vision and will guide you through your professional journey with us. At L’Oréal, there are no typical career paths. Each talent is unique, therefore we believe there are as many different careers as there are individuals.

Kick start YOUR CAREER

Bring along your entrepreneurial spirit, because everyone has the power to make an impact. Each day, at L’Oréal, you’ll strive and drive. You’ll create and forge your own path. You’ll try, fail, try better and succeed.