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Western EUROPE

Passion. Creativity. Innovation. Fun. That’s what 8000 L’Oréal brilliant minds from more than 70 countries have in common at L’Oréal Global HQ. It’s easy to fall in love with our amazing offices from Paris to London, from Brussels to Roma filled with incredible people. Whether you’re a foodie, fitness nut, shopaholic, beauty junkie or nature lover, you are in for a treat.


Dynamic, vibrant, and cosmopolitan that’s what L'Oréal America – the Group’s largest subsidiary is all about. From downtown skyline in Manhattan that changes faster than the speed of light to Brazil that has given the world samba, Caipirinha, and more sun-drenched breathtaking beaches than you can count, the Americas is your oyster!

Middle East & AFRICA

From the cosmopolitan and tech-savvy South-Africa to a kaleidoscope of cultures, personalities, and backgrounds in Dubai, fun and impact go hand in hand. Discover the region of perceptions and endless opportunities.

Asia & Pacific

All roads lead to L’Oréal Asia & Pacific, as it is reinventing itself to the great shifts of the beauty innovation. Asia & Pacific is ‘one to watch’ through the futuristic skylines of Shanghai, the remarkable dynamism and endless colors of India coupled with unique Aussie flavor.

Eastern EUROPE

Imperial palaces, vibrant cafes, mix of ancient church spires, shiny skyscrapers, cosy wine cellars, sun-filled town squares, bike paths to beaches and forests —you can find it all in Eastern Europe. Explore its cosmopolitan atmosphere and fine modern buildings standing alongside historic monuments. What an experience!