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Your CV gives us big picture of who you are. It is literally your entry ticket at L’Oréal, as it’s a great indicator of your potential. There is no "one best way" to construct a CV; it is your document and can be structured as you wish. However, keep in mind the few tips below to market yourself at 110%

1. Stand out. Your CV should demonstrate your unique blend of skills and experience. Make sure you include examples of your success, challenges resolved or achievements. How did you measure your success? Did you have a team to lead? What was your contribution?

2. Keep it simple. Your choice of font and layout are key to making sure we carry on reading your CV. Simple formats work best.

3. Don't be generic. Tailor your story to highlight the right aspects of your experience. What makes you unique?

4. Check, check again, check once more. Avoid errors at all costs. This means spelling mistakes, dates which conflict with one another and incorrect email address and phone number.

5. Update. Make sure that your CV is regularly updated.

a. Personal details: it’s simple really, but don’t leave your graduation date or other important information off of your resume. Graduation date is very important for us to get a sense of how far along you should be in school. Contact information is important so we can easily contact you whether it’s your mobile nr, email address or LinkedIn profile.

b. Objective: in 1 or 2 sentences, summarize and emphasize your key strengths and career aspirations. Personalize your elevator pitch – avoiding cliché

c. Work experience: place work experience before education if you have been working for a while. If you are a recent graduate, include uni-related projects that you are most proud of. Detail your experience in bullet points and in 1 or 2 sentences include your academic/professional achievements to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

d. Education & Training: start with your most recent qualifications and work back to the ones you received at school

e. Language proficiency: if you speak more than 1 language, make sure to mention that, as at L’Oréal we have 158 nationalities speaking 58 languages.

f. References: name two people (not relatives), along with their email address and phone number, who may be contacted by L’Oréal for a reference


Candidates can sometimes block their own path to success. The best advice we can give you to avoid this is simple. Be yourself! Applicants will often try to make sure they fit the mold they’ve imagined we’re looking for. Mistake! The best thing you can show us is the real you.

1. Don’t repeat your CV. Use your cover letter to show personality, curiosity, and an interest in the position you are applying to. What fires you up about this opportunity?

2. Keep it short. Less. Is. More. Four paragraphs, tops. Jump right into why you and what makes you so unique for this position.

3. Never ever, ever use the following phrase “My name is ______, and I am applying for the position as _____.” We already know that!

4. Close strong. Tell us shortly how your experience will help you to be exceptional at this job in 3 sentences max.

5. Send it as a PDF. That will help you avoid formatting errors.


Approach each interview like a discussion with a current co-worker or teammate. Don’t try to demonstrate only your skills- talk about who you are and let your enthusiasm shine through!

Face-to-face interview At L’Oréal you will meet with your potential team members for 45 - 60 minutes each.

1. Practice: practices, practice, practice until your story flows. Use concrete examples to highlight your skills and your successes to promote yourself. Tell us about your strengths and goals and why you think you will succeed with us. Questions we will ask will focus on
a) Leadership: there is no innovation without daring. You do not have to have a leadership title to be a leader. Think about examples from activities outside university – any activity where you have taken initiative to inspire people to be part of your team to achieve the same goal.

b) Team-play: our teams are our heroes. We want to know that you can collaborate with us and communicate effectively. Gives us as an example of situations where you have worked as part of a team. What actions did you take as a team member to successfully complete the task and in what ways was the situation resolved due to your efforts?

c) Innovation: have in mind the fact that our company was founded by a scientist entrepreneur, so we constantly aim to discover new ways to create products that are truly different and surprising. At L’Oréal you do not have to know answers to all the questions, but you have to have the ability to get out there and find them.

2. Research: do your homework about L’Oréal 32 international brands and the industry itself to be able to relate what you have learned about us when answering questions.

3. Stay calm. We just want to get to know you. If you have prepared, there is nothing that can go wrong. Be yourself and exude confidence. Take your time to think before you answer. Ask for clarification to make sure you fully understand our questions. We love to hear your questions, too. Only by learning more about the role and your aspirations we can decide together whether we will be a great match. You can learn from our employees what it’s really like to work at L’Oréal here.

4. Dress for success: for most of our interviews, the dress code is casual. When in doubt, be yourself and wear what makes you comfortable.

Phone interview

Before you face the hiring manager, you’ll probably spend between 30 and 45 minutes on the phone with L’Oréal HR. Here’s what it takes to win us over:
• Keep your resume at your fingertips when you need to answer questions.
• Have a short list of your accomplishments available to review.
• Have your iPad, pen and paper handy for note taking.
• If the time isn't convenient, ask if you could talk at another time. Suggest alternatives.
• Clear the room so nothing can distract you- kids, pets, roommates, TV, music etc.
• Do smile. It gives your voice more energy and enthusiasm.
• Do speak slowly and clearly.
• Do take a moment or two to collect your thoughts.
• Prepare questions beforehand. It shows you are interested in the position.