3 steps
to apply

Each journey through L’Oréal is different,
as our career possibilities are limitless
because we’re not defined by rigid
career paths.

Think about the things you are good at and then find an opportunity that matches your skills and interests. Take note of the times when you feel energized and successful. These moments are clues to what your strengths are.There is no shortage of jobs that need to be done and challenges to be solved, but there’s only one of you. If you’re looking to be successful, look for challenges you feel especially passionate about, then explore the opportunities at L'Oréal, by playing to your distinctive strengths.

The requirements listed in the job description are your guide to help you select the role that best fits your background and aspirations. Recruiters review applications with these in mind. Break sentences into unique ideas and create a response outline to key items using your skills, experience and accomplishments.the way to make a résumé truly stand out is through unique, quantifiable achievements. Achievements are activities you have completed that have made a lasting impact to the company or client. Typically they are initiatives you have created, built and designed. They are absolute gold on your résumé. Achievement based résumés help you stand out from the crowd as they give concrete examples of your capabilities.

Problem: What was the problem or situation or challenge?
Action: What did you do to solve the problem or improve the situation?
Result: What was the outcome? Where possible, include percentages, EUR figures or other metrics.

Problem: A disorganised and inefficient warehouse
Action: Redesigned the layout to improve organisation
Result: Saved the company EUR175,000 in recovered stock

Once you’ve read the job description and shared your skills, training and experience with us, your CV will then be saved immediately and confirmed by e-mail.

Our recruiters will read your application. If you are being considered for a job, we will contact you for an interview - which may be on the phone, via video conference, or in person - to assess your skills. Our recruiters will also consider you for other openings that might match your background and expertise.

Ready to submit your application? Here are some helpful things to consider.

Face it: When a hiring manager is trying to get through dozens (or hundreds) of job applications, there’s nothing like a little personality to attract their attention. And no, we're not talking crazy formatting or throwing in a snarky comment.

Instead, we're referring to what makes you stand out among other qualified candidates. For example, while you might think your night classes in Spanish aren’t relevant for that marketing gig, the hiring manager might think differently—and your obvious willingness to keep learning and broadening your skills could be the ticket to an interview.