Benefits Discover our comprehensive benefits package: how you integrate into our culture, how you are trained and developed for bigger responsibilities, and how you are ultimately rewarded.

Learning & Development

Learn Here! We put the same passion in developing our people as our products! Always seeking excellence, we stay one step ahead, fostering our creativity to help you reach your full potential.

THE LEADERSHIP FACTORY: Perfect your managerial talents & develop your own style of leadership.

CONNECT WITH EXCELLENCE: We guarantee your exposure to some of the best international experts

DEVELOP BUSINESS SKILLS: Here, you will benefit from an personalized development track for your needs.

DIFFERENT SOLUTIONS: Build your experience with MOOCs, podcasts, conferences, coaching & more.


Get started: Your first steps in the company are the beginnings of your thrilling experience. At L’Oréal we do our utmost to make you feel welcome by giving you a tailor-made induction. It’s our way of helping you take on your new challengeswith confidence.

NO “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” INDUCTION: Our L’Oréal FIT (Follow Up and Integration Track) program is designed especially for new employees based on individual needs & experiences. The six step program is organized as follows:
1/ Starting with a successful welcome
2/ Experiencing the field and products
3/ Training and round table discussions
4/ Personalized meeting program
5/ On-the-job learning
6/ Individual guidance through your mentor and HR support

Career Development

Develop your career: Because a professional career has to be built long term, L’Oréal has constructed a simple but powerful career development process to let you take control of your career.

PLAY AN ACTIVE PART: In a fast paced world, we strongly believe that each of our employees should play an active part in their development.

CLEAR & SIMPLE TOOLS: We have constructed a simple & efficient career development process based on an annual review of talent enabling us to identify & develop potential.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: We believe the best approach is achieved through Experience, Education, and Exposure.


Be recognized and rewarded: For L’Oréal, each employee should be respected and rewarded for their efforts, their involvement and their contribution to the company’s performance. This approach is behind the Group’s compensation policy all over the world.

MARKET-COMPETITIVE COMPENSATION: Compensation is regularly adjusted in line with the market, individual performance and efficiency in the post, qualifications and experience.

PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN REWARDS: Our compensation policy reflects a performance based culture using bonuses to reward high levels of personal as well as team and business unit performance. The Group also has a Worldwide Profit Sharing (WPS) program which gives employees a share of the success in their country.

Share & Care

The L’Oréal Share & Care Program is a major breakthrough in the Group’s social history. By 2015, this program will ensure that all employees worldwide have access to the best social benefits possible in 4 areas: health, social protection, parenthood and quality of life at work.

International Opportunities

Experience the world: As a multicultural group, L’Oréal has made openness to the rest of the world one of its major assets. Mobility is an essential part of our managers’ careers because it gives them the opportunity to enjoy new and potentially life-changing personal and work experiences.

We therefore encourage mobility which helps our executives, both junior and senior talents, to rapidly acquire experience by being faced with a range of different cultures, business approaches and market situations. We offer our employees international missions right at a point in their career; at the present time, 44% of the Group’s international assignees are under 35 years old.