Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg
Finance & Controlling
Full - Time

Plant Financial Controller - L'Oréal DACH

VIE (International Assignment – 18 months)


We are looking for international talent to go on VIE/International Assignment in L'Oréal Karlsruhe Plant! 

About the VIE/International Assignment program :

The VIE program, is available to citizens of the European Economic Area (EU + Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Monaco) aged 28 years or under.

Please note that applications that are only submitted in French cannot be considered by our non-French speaking team members at L'Oréal worldwide.

For more information on the VIE/International Assignment please consult the following links for a definition of the program and details on the conditions :

So what will you do at L'Oréal Germany ?

Our Finance Team turns data into insights, risk analysis into solutions, while ensuring the Group´s financial performance is top notch.
We are looking for a VIE Financial Controller to join L'Oréal Karlsruhe Plant to work on missions such as:

Your responsibilities :

  • Manage and ensure the delivery of specific KPIs in the context of the objectives defined by the team and ensure accurate and consistent local as well as international data flows;
  • Manage the processes associated with the prebudget, budget and trend;
  • Anticipate the risks and opportunities inherent to the defined KPIs and recommend optimization solutions to the team and the respective stakeholders;
  • Manage and consolidate the monthly closing process (SAP, COmpass, Financial Consolidation) and deliver accurate and timely management reporting;
  • Provide continuos training and knowledge sharing to the organization to ensure full understanding of the financial perspective in all business situations;
At L'Oréal At L'Oréal we expect a level of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit that will allow you to propose new ideas and work on projects that you are passionate about! Are you ready to dare?

About you:

  • Master’s degree in Economics, Finance & Accounting or Engineering 
  • An excellent communicator, you are rigorous, flexible and have profound analytical skills 
  • Great innovator skills 
  • Able to deal with a high operative workload 
  • Capable and passionate about working in an international environment 
  • Basic in German and fluent in English

Starting time:
The VIE Mission will start on the month of September/ October 2023 and it will last 18 months.

Are you ready for your next challenge? 

Want to join a passionate and dynamic team? 

Looking for the chance to grow and develop inside a leading world organization? 

This is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and deepen your skills as a strategic Financial Controller at L’Oréal Group.



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