PPD(Professional Products Division)_KERASTASE_Digital & Content Specialist 

To define and create the brands’ e-contents design & retail merchandising strategy in order to implement the brand image and identity offline & online.
(Offline : salons, Chicor (work scope wt 20% / Online : eCommerce(80%)) to reinforce brand visibility, in line with international guidelines.
  • Create relevant e-Contents(PDP, digital banners, media creatives) in order to align with brand image and tone & manner.(#of creation : min 40~max 80ea/mth)
  • Adapt brand spatial concept to local distribution constraints. Implement the merchandising solutions for salon & selective sell POS, answering local marketing plan needs.
  • Co-undertake the conception, development, and follow-up of diverse creatives.
  • Product information upload in back-office to each e-Com platforms (Total 5: SSG, Naver, Kakato, Hyndai,Chicor.com) & maintenance.
  • Ecommerce in-store operation.

  • Bachelor’s degree, Majored in design
  • +4 years of experience in contents planning & eCommerce
  • Preferred working in luxury goods industry
  • Preferred working in advertising agency specialized in design & artwork
  • Preferred working in developing contents planning further to UX.

  • Fluent in both Korean and English
  • Proficient with Illustrator, Photoshop for design

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