Key Mission              


- Owner of the online customer journey for the brand and to drive the EC CLTV mission

- Executes and actualizes the brand philosophy through building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders


Key Job Accountabilities


- Driving force for the strategic key initiatives to drive CLTV and O+O

- Becoming the project manager for key projects such as subscription model enhancement (with the D2C team), call centre modernization (with the CS team), Line integration, Pull-up initiatives, Online eBA, etc.

- Key drivers for NPS and ongoing onsite improvements in collaboration with Web team, D2C team, system team

-Provide actionable insights from website analytics, KPI sheets, consumer database studies to drive business results (e.g.  insight from A/B testing, UX study, NPS, VOC, and competitor monitoring)



- Subscription KPIs (Pull-up, retention, cross-sell, etc.)


- Sales (MTD and Rolling)

- Key Strategic Projects (KPI will differ depending on project)

- Project management KPI (timeline and resource management)

- Collaboration with other teams (survey)


Must Have Aspects 必須項目                   


1 out of those listed below:

- CRM data analysis / strategy planning / activation skill (costumer segmentation, loyalty programme, etc.)

- Experience in Marketing (Product Marketing / Brand Marketing)

- Experience in Digital Marketing (Advertisement, campaign, etc.)

 *min. 3 years, ideally incl. CLTV analysis / planning


- Consumer Centricity mind-set / strong interest in Consumer Behaviour

- Agility to learn, comfortable in ambiguity, in fast-paced & entrepreneurial culture"                   


Preferred Qualification 希望項目        


-Consumer Centricity Mind-set / Strong interest in Consumer Behaviour                                              

-Experience in FMCG, cosmetics or luxury commodity (fashion, jewellery etc.)                                    

-International experience (academic or working experience) is a strong plus                                        

-Data mining Skill                                    

-Experience in Agency side is also a plus                                                 

-Japanese language at Native level, or JLPT 1/2, English at business level                                              

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