The role of Influencer Manager is focused on building long-term relationship with influencers and KOLs, both lifestyle and doctors-influencers, for 4 Active Cosmetics Brands of L’Oréal Group. Current role for a manager - to execute already existing influencers’ strategy, using current data base, replacing predecessor moved to another role inside the team. Key projects and responsibilities * Daily communication with influencers with the goal to build strong long-term relationship * Expansion of base of influencers in line with Group norms * Execution of activities based on aligned brands’ marketing plans * Regular follow-ups of implemented activities * Management of creative send-outs, events, blog tours, etc * Co-creation of content for owned social media channels, IG TVs, etc * Scouting and recruitment of influencers for paid collaborations * Contracts’ management and supervision together with the agency * Platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Telegram, Yandex.Zen Doctors-influencers (Medical/Professional advocacy) * Scouting and recruitment of doctors-influencers and pharmacists-influencers * Daily communication with influencers * Execution of activities based on aligned marketing plan * Co-creation of content together with influencers, content creation supervision * Contracts’ supervision * Development of SMM educational sessions for influencers * Platforms: Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube Additional responsibilities: * Close collaboration with communication leads for each brand to conduct planned animations with influencers * Close collaboration with medical team to implement Medical Advocacy projects * Reporting * Be ready and able to readjust influencers’ content to meet brands’ expectations (reco for visual content, copywriting) * Daily monitoring of advocacy market Requirements: * Experience in working with influencers - at least 2-3 years * Existing trusted Relations with influencers will be an advantage * Knowledge of metrics, influencers’ market KPI, analytical skills * Strong sensitivity to social media landscape and understanding of key principles of building a community * Ability to adapt strategy and work independently * Strong networking, verbal, and written communication skills (both Russian and English) * Successful experience of communication with influencers and real projects * Strong organizational skills- ability to handle multiple tasks, to meet deadlines and manage priorities * High speed of work * English Upper-Intermediate * User of PC, Windows, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook
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