Business Goals:

  • Lead and embed the business planning process for O+O
  • Harmonize sales planning process (the Way we Plan) across all HUB countries
  • Articulate Go-To-Market team (Retail & Commercial Director, Omni Retail Manager, Omni KAM), Brand team (Brand General Manager, E-Boutique Manager, Online Platform Manager), Supply Chain and Finance team objective towards optimized sales planning (the Way we Plan)
  • Foster a multi-functional collaboration and alignment mindset
  • Organize and develop data management tool and business planning tool in liaison with IT (developer) and Zone
  • Develop sales fundamental and measurement tools to give clear visibility to manage risk on a timely manner

Commercial Forecast:

  • Guarantee the quality of O+O commercial forecast (offline & online)
  • Anticipate risks and opportunities. Ensure consistency with the trend or flag potential gaps
  • Aggregate the total sales forecasts in units and consolidated sales, then analyze all available facts and figures to identify potential gaps.
  • Communicate objective feedback and propose adjustment to key stakeholders (Div. GM, BGM, GTM team, Digital & E-Commerce team, Supply Chain and Finance). Validate the sales forecasts and lead the sales forecast monthly meeting


  • Ensure promotion forecast accuracy (in units and value) is always up to date and in line with promotion investment
  • Build a consolidated promotional plan library
  • Monitor promotion execution and performance to evaluate effectiveness in accordance to allocated budget investment for the assigned channel


  • Sales forecast accuracy
  • Commercial Bias
  • Business cycles well defined, across teams and properly implemented
  • Guarantee the trend accuracy
  • Quality of Conso, NIV Units, SIT and Total minorations forecast and tracking


  • With min 5 years of experience in sales and/or trade marketing (omni channel will be an advantage)
  • A blend of supply and financial acumen
  • Good analytical skills and fact based
  • You can apply to up to three jobs within a rolling 30-day window.
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