Machine Operators are responsible for the operation of packaging lines.  This includes start-up and shut down, monitoring, identification of line issues, troubleshooting and making minor adjustments and repairs.  A Machine Operator must have working knowledge of the production process, items produced, and equipment utilized in maintaining production within specific norms and standards.  At all times, Machine Operators must maintain a safe work environment, follow all safety procedures, and complete all physical demands listed in the “Physical Demands” section using safe ergonomic techniques.  A Machine Operator must ensure that all production meets our quality standards and is completed in a safe manner aligned with our quality and safety policies. Machine Operators are line owners and must make independent decisions on line operation daily, knowing when to involve others.  They will lead TPM methodologies on their lines and must be willing to use hand tools to address maintenance needs.  Machine operators must be willing to support the mechanic assigned to their lines with changeovers and other machine repairs.  Performs line startup and clearance according to SOPs.

Job Requirements (Minimum number years of experience, skills, certification and academic background required to perform this job):

Minimum 1 year experience working in a manufacturing/packaging environment or technical schooling certificate;

High School Diploma, technical education / certificates preferred;

Technical aptitude to diagnose operation of equipment;

Proven ability to perform root cause analysis to define and resolve problems;

Computer knowledge to operate manufacturing systems;

Manual dexterity and control of movement to work with tools;

Read and comprehend written instructions and reports;

Work flexible hours/shifts, including overtime;

Essential Physical Requirements:

Prolonged standing; continuous movement in and around packaging line

Frequent bending and stooping

Occasional lifting up to 50 lbs.

Pushing and pulling up to 75 lbs

Opening boxes, lifting boxes, assembling, palletizing and labeling of finished goods.  Supplying bulk and components to the line. Removal of finished goods pallets from line to dock/warehouse.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities

  1. following all safety procedures, ensure safety of self and others, actively participate on safety improvement opportunities.
  2. : Ensure high standard of quality control and follow all quality and GMP procedures; and actively participate in quality improvements, visually inspect product for quality assurance, and perform quality assurance tests (such as weight and torque,)
  3. responsible for line efficiency by supplying components to production line and transfer finished goods to pallets.

2.      Work independently, make decisions, and use adequate organizational and time management skills; Maintain open communication (verbal and written) with supervisors, mechanics, other employees, and complete paper and computer work (refer to specific department duties); Document Work Order information (batch numbers, etc.) requiring direct contact with processors, ensuring accuracy of materials and bulk.  Accurately completes all paperwork associated with the line.

3.      Conduct tooling changes on machinery and make minor adjustments to machinery; Work to ensure production equipment is ready for use;

4.      Perform normal/routine equipment maintenance and conduct/document productive/preventative maintenance procedures; Perform preventative maintenance on (all) equipment;

5.      Plan in advance for a “change over” and coordinate services with the mechanics to adjust, clean, or replace equipment efficiently to minimize the downtime on the production line;

6.      Track labor and equipment downtime in labor system;

7.      Maintain housekeeping at the expected level including packaging floor, line equipment and surrounding areas in compliance to SOP.

8.      Assist in training of assigned personnel in technical and operating procedures (Assist Line Mechanics with equipment trouble shooting, major equipment repairs, equipment installations and test runs)

  1. Participate in lean manufacturing methodologies.

10.   Train staff in the areas of safety, quality and production. 

Required Competencies


1  Must demonstrate 100% responsibility

2. Must have a technical aptitude with a willingness to learn machine operation.

3. Must produce World Class Results through teamwork, selflessly developing and training others for success

4.  Must have a positive attitude.

5  Must thrive within a changing organization requiring the need to multi-task

6.  Must listen for understanding and communicate using the Who, What, When, Where and How model.

7. Must resolve conflicts directly and be committed to team decisions.

Please note:  This job description does not list all duties of the job.  Employees may be asked by management to perform other duties.  The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time.

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