Job Description:
? Data Application performance analytics:
1. Co-work with business stakeholders to clearly summarize definition of the project objectives and identify key success factors (project KPIs)
2. Independently lead the design of project’s performance evaluation methodology including AB testing, match panel analysis etc and communicate with business stakeholders on the methodology rationale
3. Responsible for conducting the final project KPI evaluation analysis and deliver the results to business stakeholders and leadership team
? Financial performance analytics:
1. Hands-on analysis on business investment effectiveness and efficiency such as marketing ROI, marketing vehicles synergy effectiveness, consumer lifetime value etc with clear story line and recommendations
2. Lead the result delivery and sharing to leadership team and end users, and responsible of supporting the adaption and implementation of the result into business decisions
3. Support data and analysis requests from top management team with sound data quality and methodology design
? Requirements
1. At least 4-5 years of experience in data analytics related fields
2. Bachelor degree in statistics, applied mathematics, business analytics, decision science, applied quantitative research etc, master degree is a plus
3. Proficiency in SQL is a must, proficiency in one of R/Python/SAS/SPSS/STATA is also a must
4. Good communication skill and fluent in both English and Chinese
5. Experience in data applications/business performance evaluation is a plus
6. Experience in beauty industry or consumers goods industry is a plus
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